Faith. Therapy. Justice.

Each of these words reflects an area of passion, of engagement, of struggle in my life. Each of these has profoundly shaped me and each continues to do so. They are interwoven and each leads both to and from the other.

My faith background is conservative evangelical. I’m not even sure how to define my faith at this point, but I can say it has evolved over the years and I am journeying toward a much more inclusive, feminist faith.

My professional training is in social work and Marriage & Family Therapy. Most of my career has been spent providing therapy to women who are marginalized in any number of ways (due to their gender, race, poverty, immigration status, oppressive systems of all kinds, past or present experiences of abuse, etc.). My most recent counseling position was working with victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking in a domestic violence shelter. In May 2017 I transitioned into the director position of that shelter. It’s a non-stop adventure!

I am not content to limit my focus to individual struggles and individual healing. I am committed to fighting against oppressive systems and championing freedom and equality for everyone. This is an ongoing journey of facing both my own oppression (primarily as a woman) and my privilege (especially my white privilege). I want to play a part in dismantling (or as I recently heard an activist say, dismembering) the systems and structures that are perpetuating individual suffering.

This blog will include posts on faith, spiritual abuse & trauma, mental health, domestic violence, white privilege, intersectional feminism, self-care, rape culture, church engagement in fighting injustice, and whatever else appears to fit under this umbrella.

Thanks for taking time to check it out.

~ Melanie